The Origin of Swole Tees

Swole Tees was created one day when we noticed that the motivation for lifters started to fade after they hit a plateau.

 Once their motivation faded , so did the gains that they spent years in the gym working for. 

After realizing that losing motivation  would lead to them developing a dad-bod

We knew that we needed to create something that would motivate lifters to push harder even when things seem troubling .

Hence the creation of Swole Tees ! And the Mantra “ Stay Swole “ 

Our shirts remind  lifters that Regardless of what comes across their paths ( I.e kids, Job , relationships, ect.) 

The main goal ( as it relates to fitness ) is to “ Stay Swole “ no matter what !

t-shirt-mockup-featuring-a-bearded-man-in-a-studio-38787-r-el2 2.PNG